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Water hardness analyzers

Analyzers for monitoring hardness in drinking or industrial process water. The device detects hardness progress automatically based on the reagent used, so the analysis process is more effective than manual methods and more sustainable than other measurement methods that only work indirectly. We offer different versions based on the uses and types of systems to be monitored. The Professional version is ideal for monitoring the water of industrial boilers according to the legislation currently in force.

Testomat EVO Analyzer

It is a colorimetric analyzer that controls and monitors water hardness. All used materiasl were developed for this purpose.

Analyzer Duromat VI

HomePortfolioWater hardness analysis (total hardness and residual hardness)Colorimetric analyzer, with microprocessor for water hardness control. The device DUROMAT VI qualitatively controls softening plants, avoiding promblems caused by water hardness. to…

DUROMAT XX analyzer

DUROMAT XX is used to monitor the limit value. In addition to the current measured values, the display also shows additional information, for example, the trend of the last 100 measurement points.

Duromat XII analyser

Online monitor for water hardness analysis. On-line monitor with microprocessor control for water hardness analysis.

DUROMAT IQ analyzer

Multifunctional microprocessor analyser for water hardness analysis with alarm set point

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