Hardness analysis (total hardness, residual hardness) with graphic display of the result

Colorimetric analyzer, with microprocessor for water hardness analysis.

Example of use: hardness control after a water softener, for a reverse osmosis plant protection.

Technical data for DUROMAT® IQ:

Connection to the network:230V 50-60Hz (exactly: 85-264 Volt, 47-63 Hz)
Current consumption:25 VA
Degree of protection with support:IP 43
Degree of protection with mounting box:IP 54
Amount of indicator in the bottle500 ml
Indicator consumption:5000 analysis with 1 bottle (500ml) measurement of water hardness
Outputs:2 relay outputs, max. 250V 4A (hardness alarm,
generic alarm, fault)
1 analogue output 0 (4) - 20mA (analysis result
or current device situation)
Quality of the water to be analyzed:
Temperature:5° - 40° C
Optically:transparent, without color, without suspended substances, without air bubbles and CO2
Chemically:pH 4 -10.5, iron <3ppm, copper <0.2ppm, aluminum <0.1ppm, mangle <0.2ppm acid capacity K S4.3 <5mmol / l
Water pression:0,2-6 bar (2x104 – 6x105 Pa)
Drain:without pressure (funnel)
In / out water connection:6 mm flexible tube outer diameter

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