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Water treatment components and systems

Improve the management of industrial plants using one of the best systems available

Apura s.r.l. produces high-tech solutions for the management and improvement of water treatment plants,
in compliance with current and updated regulations (for example boiler rooms, medical products, etc.).

Water analyzer

They control the quality of the process water. They save time, chemicals and production waste due to unsuitable water.

Chlorine dioxide

It protects your customers (hotels), employees, patients (care homes, hospitals) and the environment (air, cooling towers, etc.) thanks to an anti-legionella treatment.

Programmers and pilotes

Programmers and pilot distributors for the control and command of industrial and civil softening and filtration systems.


Our services

Industry leading technologies

Production of high-end instruments and systems in the field of water purification. These are made in Italy solutions, with costs appropriate for the national market.

We respect the highest quality standards and customer needs. Our brands, patents and certificates guide the development, consulting, supply, assembly and commissioning of our systems.

Great importance is given to the SERVICE and POST-SALES sectors.


We perform free consultations to recommend the best system/solution.
After-sales consulting also for installations not installed by us to guarantee the correct management of the system.


ISO9001 certified design processes (2015); material traceability since 2001; test certificates, tests and applications.

Post-sale and maintenance

Our technical team is also available by telephone, email, WhatsApp or other means of communication to solve any imminent problems.
We carry out maintenance and interventions in Italy, Europe and around the world with a network of official resellers and on behalf of third parties. This can be done either through direct calls or through contracts and agreements of one year or more.


Our production is ISO 9001 certified (2015) and ensures the traceability of every product and component used. We carry out 100% checks on incoming and outgoing materials from our offices with tests and treals.

The innovative production with computerized indications of the operating steps allows us to minimize production errors.

Training courses

We do training courses on the regulations, products, management and maintenance of the plants.

The theoretical courses can be performed at our site in Lecco, or at your site or directly at your customers. In this last case, we manage the course without specifying the name of our company, so as to allow you a great knowledge advantage.

We follow the preparation of retailers, representatives or maintenance personnel.

Our certified processes


Ideas, innovative solutions, feasibility studies, market research up to the design. Prototype creations and first tests with selected customers. All traceable and certified.


Production made in Apura. Computerized production systems with step-by-step indication of all the production so as to minimize any errors. 100% control of products. Certified, traceable and documented.

Documentation and digitization management

Documented business management: projects, offers, delivery documents, billing and post-sales

Water quality analyzers

Advanced colorimetric analyzers. Including data traceability, programming and results. Field of application: industrial

Our products