Programmer GEA

Programmer for cooling tower salinity control

Technical data:

Measuring range:0 – 500 µS/cm (oppure 0 – 2.500 µS/cm)
Conductivity: Absolute value +/- 0.2%, full scale +/- 0.3%
Probe constant: K = 1 // K = 5 cm-1
Device: temperature from 0 to 100 ° C (with NTC compensation -10 - + 130 ° C)
Temperature sensor:0-45°C (60°C)
Temperature measurement accuracy:+/- 0,5%
Temperature compensation:automatic NTC 10kΩ 3977 or manual
Resolution: 12 bit
LED:solenoid valve SV1 open
solenoid valve SV2 open
Type of electromagnetic valves:normally closed, 230V, total load max. 4° (valvole non comprese)
Buttons: opening of SV1 and SV2 valves
Analogue output: 0 (4)-20mA
Relay outputs: 1 for the SV1 valve in relation to the programmed conductivitye alla conduttività programmata
1 for the SV2 valve in relation to the programmed conductivity
Supply: 230V 50-60Hz (+/- 20%)
Internal fuse: 500mA, slow
Calibration:84 µS/cm
Dimension: 210 x 200 x 110 mm
Class of protection:IP65
Display: conductivity and temperature, valves situation

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