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Examples of installations

DUROMAT Professional to analyze water hardness and alkalinity before a reverse osmosis.

Pharmaceutical company

Industrial bolier room with DUROMAT Professional and water cooler.

Outlet water hardness control from a condensed tank (temperature higher than 80°C).

Cardboard-producing company

DUROMAT Professional installed in a pharmaceutical company.

The analyzer DUROMAT is showing an alarm for hard water (red display) and during analysis (lit chamber).

The analyzer is used for hardness and alkalinity control in water before a reverse osmosis plant.

Example of installation of water coolers in an anlysis station.

Marzio MV programmer and a pilot distributor TUYA XVI for a double softener command.

Company: dye-works

Marzio SV for double softner with single electrovalve.

Programmer MARZIO MV and TUYA XVI distributor for double softener command.

Food production company

A movable hardening plant with MARZIO MV to command a water softner with multi valves.

Company: test and certification in coffee machine production lines.

Industrial softening plant. The analyzer DUROMAT Professional checks water  quality.

Company: dye-works

Chlorine dioxide production plant with chlorine dioxide analyzer, included a 70°C water cooler.

Installed in an hospital

Softening plant with Trajano prorammer and two Tuya XVI

Installed in a public theater

A well-known manufacturer of copper fittings found enormous damage in the US due to the aggressiveness of water rich in chlorine dioxide. Dioxide at 0.8 mg / l damaged their products. We have provided a test stand with dioxide dosing and heating of the solutions to various temperatures, including a copper tube assembly part for testing.

Caligola programmer and a pilot distributor Tuya Electra (old model) installed in a filtration plant.

Tuya (first model) installed in an old softner.

Installed in a public institute

Caligola programmer and TUYA pilot in a deferrization plant.

Company: brewery

Tuya Digit Double and Duromat Professional installed in a softening plant (old plant arrangement)

Company: dye-works


Marzio MV programmer and a pilot distributor installed in two softening plants.

Company: energy field

DUROMAT Professional and dosing pump in an hardening plant.

Creation of an hardness solution in accordance with laws to certify energetic comsumption of dishwashers/washing machines.

Company: energy class certification

Chlorine dioxide production plant with three dosing pumps and three water analyzers.

Anti-legionella treatment in three hot water circuits in an hospital.

CDES chlorine dioxide production plant. Antilegionella treatment in a hot water circuit.

Company: car producer

DK-DOX (our chlorine dioxide line) chlorine dioxide production plant.

Against bacteria, legionella and Covid.

Swiss company for summer bungalows rent at Garda Lake, Italy.

Filtration plant carried by an elicopter.

This plant is used to filter a public fountain

Potable water supply company.

Trajano programmer in a softening plant, a chlorine dioxide production and dosing plant and water analyzer.

Potable water treatment.

Well-known swedish company.

Duromat Professional analyzer installed in an hardening plant.

Used for preparation of controlled hard water for coffee machines testing.

For a well known coffee-producing company.

Chlorine dioxide analyzer, dosing and DK-DOX AKTIV control.

Pharmaceutical company

Arrangement of old softeners.

Company: food, potato chips production.

Arrangement of old filtration and softening systems with the use of Marzio MV programmer and TUYA XVI and TUYA Electra pilot distributors (old model).

Company: food, yogurt production

Arrangement of an old decarbonizer with MARZIO MV and TUYA XVI pilot distributor.

Company: brewery

Arrangement of an old filtration and reverse osmosis plant.

Plant for water recirculation for glass production.

DUROMAT Professional analyzer in a pharmaceutical company.

Water hardness control before a reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis plant for production of distilled water for an irrigation hose producing company.

Reverse osmosis plant for distilled water production.

Company: glass production

Analyzer DUROMAT XII with a chlorine dioxide analyzer in a water supply plant for cooling towers.

Hardness control system (after a softner, before a reverse osmosis), dosing and chlorine dioxide analysis in the return tank of a cooling tower.

Company: food film production

Softening plant commanded by MARZIO MV programmer and DUROMAT Professional analyzer.

Reverse osmosis supply for a pharmaceutical company.

Bi-osmosis plant with EDI and deaerator and storage tank closed with nitrogen.

Ultrapure water production plant.

Company: solar panels research and development.

Chlorine dioxide production and dosing plant used for sanitization of production machines.

Company: food, chicken

Plant for certified hard water production, mixes softened water to hard water, batch functioning.

Company: food industry, producer of puddings