Automatic plant for the production and dosage of chlorine dioxide

Based on a principle of chemical reaction from muriatic acid, the plant produces chlorine dioxide on site.

Disinfection with chlorine dioxide is optimal for various uses, such as: disinfection of drinking water, for beverage industries (elimination of bacteria in bottle washing water), elimination of algae, biological films in tanks, water cooling, elimination of odors, animal breeding (for example cattle: sterilization of cow udders) etc. etc.

The main characteristic of the plant is that the production of chlorine dioxide occurs in the absence of pressure. Chlorine dioxide is volumetrically dosed.

The reaction container is made of glass. Pressure-free processing ensures maximum safety. The residual gas between one supply and the other, located in the intermediate space of the reaction vessel, is neutralized with a carbon filter.




CDES-18 e 40


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