Automatic plant to produce Chlorine dioxide

Production: 130 g/h Chlorine dioxide
Flow rate: 325 m3/h
without pressure reactor tank

Based on the principle of chemical reaction given by the hydrochloric acid, the plant produces Chlorine dioxide, stable over time.
Disinfection with Chlorine dioxide is optimal for different uses such as: disinfection of drinkable water, for beverages of factory (it destroys bacteria in the bottles washing water), in animal farms (cattle breeding for example: sterilization of cows udder), cooling water, ect.
It destroys algae, biological film inside tanks, and smells.


The main feature of the plant is that, the production Chlorine dioxide take place without pressure. With a maximum storage of 200 liters, we will have a solution stable over time.

The reaction container is in glass. The production without pressure ensure a maximum safety. The released gas between dispenses, that is situated in the middle space of the reaction container, it’s been neutralized by a charcoal filter.

Technical data

Type of plant: CDES 130
Quantity of Chlorine dioxide produced:130g/h
Dimension of the reactor:1000ml
dimensione di stoccaggio del biossido di cloro:20 l
Quantity of flow rate (with a dosage of 0,4 mg/l):325 m3/h
Maximum dosage for drinkable water:0,4 mg/l
To the sampling point:0,2 mg/l
Temperature of the water to treat:5 – 40°C
Temperature of the environment:10 – 35 °C
Plant dimension (height x length x depth): 1000 x 1200 x 200
Electrical connection: 230V 50-60Hz 180VA
Maximum load of relais:0,5 A
Protection degrees:IP64
Basic solution:hydrochloric acid (HCl) 9%
Sodium Chlorite (NaCLO2) 7,5%

Dati tecnici

Complete systemNr. order
Chlorine dioxide production and dosing plant CDES100 -230V 600130600130
Accessories for operation
Basic chemicalsSolution CDD A
9% hydrochloric acid, 60kg of stem
Solution CDD B
7,5% sodium chlorite, 60kg of stem
Suction lancesFor stems of 60 kg2 x 600295
Dosing pump600249
Injection valve½”, tube of 8/6mm119057
Tube PVDF 8/6mmConnection from the dosing pump to the injection valve119096
Impulse water meter2”340060
DN50 with turbine340060
DN65 Woltmann340095
DN100 Woltmann340097
Highly recommended accessories:
coveron request
safety tanksFor stems of 60 kg2 x 600452
Emergency set Cabinet with eye wash, safety gloves, safety boots, face protection, rubber apron, gas mask (complete protection) with filter600475
emergency switch 600412
testkit for chlorine dioxide375220
Other accesories:
water analyser600410
chlorine dioxide gas detector202010 + 202080
chlorine dioxide gas detector600415

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