Microdosing system ATTILA G

Complete with storage bottle and integrated water meter, for a proportional and precise metering of small quantities of chemicals in counterpressure to the water flow

General information:
The “ATTILA” micro dosage system has been designed to dose small quantities of disinfectant in drinking water. Disinfectants, such as: hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide or other substances suitable for this purpose.
The dosage quantity is adjustable between 0.2 and 2.8 mg / l.
The system in the basic version has a volumetric dosage (with an incorporated water meter), with the possibility to program the desired quantity of dosage. For the dosage, inside there is a clock that every 4 weeks indicates that the bottle needs to fill the solution (for the dioxide = expiry of the solution’s effectiveness).
The operating conditions, such as: dosage quantity, programming change, chemical product supply, etc., are saved on the SD card (included in delivery). The SD card can be removed from the system (the system works even without it) and inserted into a PC so that it can consult the operating data in memory.

The instrument is equipped with 4 LEDs and display for the indications of the programmed dosage quantity, residual days until solution expiration, quantity of dioxide present in the bottle (percentage), faults, alarms and solution supply request (lack and expiry solution).
The plant is intended for professional use and requires minimum six months of maintenance.
The system is intended for the dosage of chlorine dioxide.


This system doses small amounts of disinfectant in the water. The system has an internal water meter, the dosage is volumetric, in relation to consumption. The dosage quantity can be adjusted in the measuring range from 0.2 to 2.8 mg / ltr.
The maximum amount of chlorine (hypochlorite) or recommended chlorine dioxide dosage (in the European Community) is:
maximum dosage 0.4 mg / ltr, amount of chlorine at the sampling tap no higher than 0.2 mg / ltr (in compliance with drinking water regulations).
Maximum amount of other chemicals, disinfectants, and cleaning agents: contact your plant reseller.
The following explanations are aimed exclusively at the dosage of hypochlorite or chlorine dioxide:
Each filling of the storage tank (glass bottle) must be confirmed by pressing a button. The chlorine dioxide solution is stable for 4 weeks, after which it loses its effectiveness. With the confirmation of the filling, an internal timer is activated which, after 4 weeks indicates the expiration of the solution (LED / Display), the internal siren will then be activated.

The plant stops only after the total consumption of the chemical product in the graduated storage bottle.
The solution is stable for thirty days (see display), then gradually decreases its effectiveness, it is however dosed to ensure coverage.
The time period is counted also when the system is stopped, after which the alarm signal will be displayed when the system is turned back on.
The remaining time until the product expires is indicated on the display.

After filling the storage bottle, the system must be de-aerated by pressing the “dosage” button, then reconfirm the filling by pressing the “filled” button (doing so the time will also be reset).
The system has two other LEDs, one comes on at the time of water withdrawal, the other at the time of dosing.


in the areas of carbonators or water coolers, gathered in the dental practice

Technical data ATTILA G:

Water flow (with dosage 0,4 mg/ltr ClO2):150 ltr/h
Dosing range:between 0.2 and 2.8 mg/l ClO2
Base product (chlorine dioxide): DK-DOX AKTIV 250ml
Maximum amount of water to be treated between two fills:3.543 litres (with 0,2mg/ltr ClO2)
Material in contact with water and with the dosing solution:glass and teflon
Duration of chemical product (mixed):4 weeks
Voltage:230V 50-60Hz
Connection for water to be treated:flexible tube 6 mm
Current consumption:20VA
Degree of protection:IP 54
Water pressure:max 5 bar
Ambient temperature:5 until 40 °C
Dimension (length x height x depth):dosage part:195x200x80
electronic part: 120x200x80
Weight:about2,8 kg

Nr. Ord.

Attila G micro dosage system with display, 250ml, 230V 50-60Hz 600051600051
Power cable, 230V 50-60Hz600040
Connection cable between the dosing and the electronic partLength 1 m600048
Length 2 m600049
Length 3 m600050
Basic soluction:chlorine dioxideDK-DOX® AKTIV, 250ml600382
hypochlorite14 – 15%600350
Other chemical products on request
Testkit ClO2chlorine dioxideMeasuring Range 0,05 – 0,5 mg/l375220
hypochlorite (DPD chlorine)Measuring Range 0,05 – 1,0 mg/l375250

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