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Analysis of water hardness or carbonate hardness

(with graphic display of the measured hardness)

Multifunctional microprocessor analyzer for water hardness analysis with measuring range from
French degrees: 0.04 to 53.57 ° f
German degrees: 0.02 – 30 ° dH
English degrees: 0.03 – 37.59 ° e
ppm: 53.4 – 534ppm
mg / l: 53.4 – 534 mg / l
mmol / l: 0.004 – 5.3 mmol / l
Example of use: processing in boiler rooms without personnel control (72 hours).
Two alarm set points can be programmed (two maximum or one minimum and one maximum).

The DUROMAT® professional system qualitatively controls the softening system, this allows you to avoid problems or damage caused by the hardness of the water, saving water, time and chemical products that would be necessary for any early regeneration to the softening system.

With display of the measured hardness result.

4 programmable relay outputs: maximum value one, maximum value two (or minimum value and maximum value), command for a chiller, for a washing valve, pump, error, lack of indicator, remote signaling
1 output 0 (4) -20mA: analysis result (linear hardness)
2 programmable digital inputs: water meter, turbine water meter (Hall), flow meter, external start or stop commands
SD card connection: saving and transferring data / results / error with date and time, software update
A bad analysis can be repeated (as soon as the maximum value is exceeded, without giving an alarm signal.
Extensive function control program, relay drive, Leeds drive, accessory check.
How the analysis takes place: opening of an inlet solenoid valve – washing of the measuring chamber for a settable time – control of the transparency of the water (zero point) – dosage of the indicator by means of a peristaltic pump – result of the measured hardness ( with display of the measured hardness) – final washing of the measuring chamber – the equipment stops waiting for the next analysis (timed, volumetric, manual or external signal start).

Certifications / instructions:

-certification CE
-documentation in Italian (on request: English, French, German etc.)

Technical data DUROMAT® professional:

Power connection:85 – 264V / 47 - 63Hz
Current consumption:25 VA
Degree of protection:IP 54
Weight:2,5 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD):300 x 300 x 190 mm
Contents of indicator flask:500 ml
Inputs: relais: quantity 2, contact rating 18V 12mA,
functions: stop analysis, start analysis, water meter or
flow meter
Relay outputs:relais: quantity 2, contact rating 18V 12mA,
functions: stop analysis, start analysis, water meter or
flow meter
Other outputs:1 x 0(4) – 20mA: for measuring value
1 x SD: update and memorization of results
Water Connections:Feed 6-7 mm ID (1/4”), 0,2 – 6 bar
Drain 6-7 mm ID (1/4”), not under pressure (open funnel)
Ambient temperature:5 – 45°C
Water temperature: 10 – 40 °C
Operating pressure:0.2 – 6 bar

Available indicators, (always 500ml content):

Measuring range

200860501/5000,05-0,54 0,03-0,3°0,04-0,380,53-5,340,53-5,340,53-5,34
200862502/5000,11-1,07 0,06-0,60,075-0,751,067-10,71,067-10,71,067-10,7
200876530/5001,61-16,070,9 - 9,01,13-11,2816,02-160,216,02-160,216,02-160,2

Carbonate hardness


(*) need for on-site calibration

DUROMAT® professional
mounted on a box
0,2 – 6 ate (2×104 – 6×105 Pa)
(indicator excluded from delivery)
For water hardness or
carbon hardness:
85 – 264V 47-63Hz
24V 50-60Hz
DUROMAT® professional
mounted on a plate
85 – 264V 47-63Hz
0,2 – 6 ate (2×104 – 6×105 Pa)
(indicator excluded from delivery)
 Per durezza dell’acqua o
durezza carbonica:
85 – 264V 47-63Hz
24V 50-60Hz

Accessories (not required for operation):


Cleaning set For road transport
For air transport
Areator, 230V 50-60Hz to remove the CO2 in the water 200020
Coolers for water temperatures from 40 to 80 ° C
for water temperatures from 80 to 120 ° C


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