Hardness analysis (total hardness, residual hardness)
and alkalinity of the water (carbon hardness, positive m value)
(with good water/not good water signal)

Water hardness (total hardness, residual hardness)
French degrees: 0,05 / 0,09 / 0,18 / 0,36 / 0,54 / 0,9 / 1,8 / 3,6 / 5,4 o 9,0 °f
ppm CaCO3: 0,4 / 0,9 / 1,8 / 3,6 / 5,4 / 9,0 / 18,0 / 36,0 / 54,0 o 90,0 ppm
mmol/l: 0,004 / 0,01 / 0,04 / 0,50 / 0,09 / 0,18 / 0,36 / 0,54 o 0,90 mmol/l
German degrees: 0,02 / 0,05 / 0,1 / 0,2 / 0,3 / 0,5 / 1,0 / 2,0 / 3,0 o 5,0 °dH
Alkalinity of the water (carbon hardness, positive m value)
French degrees: 1,8 / 2,7 / 3,6 o 5,4 °f
German degrees: 1,0 / 1,5 / 2,0 o 3,0 °dH

Only the type of analysis needs to be programmed (water hardness or alkalinity), it is not necessary to program the type of reagent.
The DUROMAT® XX analyser qualitatively checks the softening system, and this allows to avoid problems or damage caused by the hardness of the water. This save: water, time and chemicals that would be required for any anticipated regeneration of the system.
Various LEDS are available for identifying operation and results (good water / not good water).

LED signals: fresh water, hard water, current analysis, repetition of analysis (due to exceeding hardness), stop of analysis, indicator level pre-alarm <10%, lack of indicator (exhausted 100%), appliance malfunction.
At the output we have three alarm relays (overcoming hardness, malfunction alarm, analysis signal in force).
One entry for STOP or START analysis.
Buttons for: start of analysis, measurement chamber washing, relay reset and manual dosage.
Programmable analysis interval: 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes. It is possible to operate the analysis manually.
A bad analysis can be repeated (as soon as the maximum value is exceeded, without giving an alarm signal).
Extensive function control program, relay drive, LED drive, accessory control.
Simple programming by microswitches.
Simple setting of the washing time through a potentiometer (settable from 30 seconds up to 10 minutes).
Minimum indicator consumption: 0.07 ml for each analysis.
No water consumption during the analysis downtime.

The purchase and maintenance costs are limited.
The device is intended for industries as well as for smaller realities, as apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants, laundries.

How the analysis takes place: opening of an inlet solenoid valve – washing of the measuring chamber for a settable time – control of the transparency of the water (zero point) – dosage of the indicator by means of a peristaltic pump – result of the measured hardness (with hardness signal below / above of the maximum limit) – final washing of the measuring chamber – the equipment stops pending the next analysis (timed start, manual or with external signal).

Technical data® XII:

Power connection:230V 50-60Hz , (exactly: 85-264 Volt, 47-63 Hz) or 24V AC/DC
Power consuption:25 VA
Degree of protection on plate:IP 43
Degree of protection in box :IP 54
Mounted on a plate:1,6 Kg
mounted in box:1,9 Kg
Dimensions on plate:280x360x113 mm
Dimensions in box:300x380x120 mm
Amount of reagent in bottle:500 ml, measurement of water hardness
Reagent consuption:5000 analyzes with 1 bottle (500ml)
measurement of water hardness
Outputs:3 outputs, maximum load 250V 4A (maximum value,
alarm, analysis in effect)
Inputs:1 input, maximum load 18V 12mA
(STOP or START analysis)
Analysis interval:5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes
Washing time:programmable about 0.5 to 10 minutes
Water quality
Temperature:5° -45° C
Optically:transparent, without color, without suspended substances, without air bubbles and CO2
Chemically:pH 4 –10.5, iron <3ppm, copper <0.2ppm, aluminum <0.1ppm, manganese <0.2ppm, acidic capacity K S4.3 <5mmol / l
Water pression:0,2-6 bar (2x104 – 6x105 Pa)
Drain:without pressure (funnel)
Inlet / drain water connection:flexible tube 6 mm external diameter

DUROMAT® XII reagents

DUROMAT® XII water hardness (residual hardness, total hardness)

type°dH°fppm CaCO3mmol/l°eQuantityNr. ord
500S/5000,02 °dH0,04 °f0,4 ppm0,0040,02500 ml200852
500/5000,05 °dH0,09 °f0,9 ppm0,010,06500 ml200855
501/5000,1 °dH0,18 °f1,8 ppm0,020,1500 ml200860
502/5000,2 °dH0,36 °f3,6 ppm0,040,2500 ml200862
503/5000,3 °dH0,54 °f5,4 ppm0,50,3500 ml200863
505/5000,5 °dH0,9 °f9,0 ppm0,090,6500 ml200865
510/5001,0 °dH1,8 °f18 ppm0,181,2500 ml200870
520/5002,0 °dH3,6 °f36 ppm0,362,4500 ml200875
530/5003,0 °dH5,4 °f54 ppm0,543,7500 ml200876
550/5005,0 °dH9,0 °f90 ppm0,906,2500 ml200878

 DUROMAT® XII alkalinity (carbon hardness, positive m value)

type°dH°fppm CaCO3mmol/l°equantityNr. ord
C-710/5001,0 °dH1,8 ° f500 ml200887
C-715/5001,5 °dH2,7 °f500 ml200889
C-720/5002,0 °dH3,6 °f500 ml200890
C-730/5003,0 °dH5,4 °f500 ml200891
DUROMAT® XII mounted in box

0.2 – 6 ate

(indicator not included)


water hardness (residual, total hardness)
alkalinity (carbon hardness, positive m value)

85-264 Volt, 47-63 Hz 200101
24 Volt, AC/DC 200110



mounted on plate

0,2 – 6 ate

(indicator not included)


water hardness (residual, total hardness)
alkalinity (carbon hardness, positive m value)

85-264 Volt,  47-63 Hz 200100
24Volt,  AC/DC 200105


Cleaning set For road transport
For air transport
Coolers for water temperatures from 40 to 80 ° C
for water temperatures from 80 to 120 ° C
for temperatures over 120 ° C

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