Hardness analysis (total hardness, residual hardness)
and alkalinity of the water (carbon hardness, positive m value)
(with good water/not good water signal)

Colorimetric analyzer, with microprocessor for water hardness control with the following alarm set points (the set point is established by the type of reagent):

Water hardness (total hardness, residual hardness):

French degrees: 0,04/0,1/0,2/0,4/0,6/1,0/2,0/4,0/6,0/10,0 or 20,0 °f
ppm: 0,4/1,0/2,0/4,0/6,0/10/20/40/60/100 or 200 ppm
mmol/l: 0,004/0,01/0,02/0,04/0,06/0,1/0,2/0,4/0,6/1,0 or 2,0
German degrees: 0,02/0,05/0,1/0,2/0,3/0,5/1,0/2,0/3,0/5,0 or 10,0 °dH

Alkalinity of the water (carbon hardness, positive m value):

French degrees: 2,0 / 3,0 /4,0 or 6,0 °f
German degrees: 1,0 / 1,5 / 2,0 or 3,0 °dH

Only the type of analysis needs to be programmed (water hardness or alkalinity), it is not necessary to program the type of reagent.
The DUROMAT® XX analyser qualitatively checks the softening system, and this allows to avoid problems or damage caused by the hardness of the water. This saves: water, time and chemicals that would be required for any anticipated regeneration of the system

Various messages appear in the display, which may refer to: freshwater inlet, excessive hard water, analysis-in-progress, repetition of analysis (due a first result indicating excessive hardness), stop of analysis, pre-alarm for indicator level having reached <10%, indicator empty (exhausted to 100%), appliance malfunction.
In addition to the display, the instrument is complete with:
Outputs: three relays – water not good (maximum value exceeded), error signals, command for a cooler or sampling suction pump.
Inputs: STOP or START analysis.
Buttons: Start analysis, measurement chamber washing, alarm signal reset, manual dosing of the reagent.
SD card for analysis results and errors with date / time.
Programmable analysis interval: 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes. Possibility of manual analysis.
Repetition of a bad analysis: (without giving an alarm signal).
Extensive operation control: reset of alarms, check of connected components, check internal operation.

Simple programming with quick choice of parameters.
Indicator consumption: 0.07 ml for each analysis.
No water consumption between analysis periods.

Steps of an analysis cycle: opening of an inlet solenoid valve – washing of the measuring chamber for a settable time – control of water transparency (zero point) – dosing of the indicator by means of a peristaltic pump – result of the measured hardness (with display of the measured hardness) – final washing of the measuring chamber – the equipment stops waiting for the next analysis (timed start, manual or with external signal).

Technical data DUROMAT® XX

Electrical connection230V 50-60Hz
or 24V AC/DC
Power consumption:25 VA
Protection degree on plate:IP 43
Protection degree with mounting boxIP 54
Weight with mounting on plate1,6 Kg
Weight with mounting in box1,9 Kg
Dimensions on platewidth x height x depth 280x360x113 mm
Dimensions in boxwidth x height x depth 300x380x120 mm
Quantity of reagent in the bottle500 ml
Reagent consumption5000 analysis with 1 bottle (500ml)
Outputs3 outputs, maximum load 250V 4A
(maximum value, alarm, analysis in force)
SD card
Inputs1 input, maximum load 18V 12mA
(STOP or START analysis)
Analysis intervalwater meter or flow switch
Washing time5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes
Water Temperature5° - 40° C
Opticallytransparent, without colour, without suspended substances, without air bubbles and CO2
Chemically pH 4 –10.5, iron <3ppm, copper <0.2ppm,
aluminium <0.1ppm, manganese <0.2ppm
acid capacity K S4.3 <5mmol/l
Water pressure0,2-6 bar (2x104 – 6x105 Pa)
Drainwithout pressure (funnel)
Inlet / drain water connectionflexible tube 6 mm external diameter

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