H-3800 reverse osmosis plant up to 8000-AS

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H-3800 reverse osmosis plant up to 8000-AS

Pretreatment: antiscaling dosage

Versions: H-3,800-AS / H-5,000-AS / H-6,000-AS / H.7,000-AS / H-8,000-AS

Water flow rate (permeate) 3,800 to 8,000 liters / hour.

Short description

– stainless steel frame

– inlet pressure switch

– 5 micron prefilter with two pressure gauges

– fiberglass pressure container

– sampling valve

– inlet electromagnetic valve

– adjustable valves (in stainless steel) for permeate, concentrate and recycling

– conductivity display (with compensation

of temperature)

– pressure gauges

– connection for a washing system with chemical products (washing system not included)

– fault signal

– output for controlling a metering pump (metering pump not included)

– filleting for the insertion of an injection valve

– totalizer of working hours

– display of the permeate temperature

The systems are designed for: a salinity of 1,000 mg / l, a water temperature of 15 ° C and a maximum SDI (colloidal index) value 3. The indicated flow rate is guaranteed for three years of work only with the parameters described above .

The quantity and quality of the permeate depends directly on the quality of the water and on the pre-treatment. With an analysis of the water we can design the optimal type of plant with the best water outlet for your needs.

Technical data

Flow permeateliters / hour3.85678
Salt retention%9797979797
Quantity of membranes3 x 80404 x 80405 x 80406 x 80407 x 8040
Electrical connectionV/Hz3 x 400/503 x 400/503 x 400/503 x 400/503 x 400/50
Current consumptionkW5,55,55,57,57,5
Protective fuse (not included)A1616161616
Inlet water connectionDN3240404050
Permeate connectionDN3232404040
Drain connectionDN3232323232
Fillet for an injection valve½”½”½”½”½”
Conductivity meter measuring rangeµS/cm2 - 2002 - 2002 - 2002 - 2002 - 200
Water pressure (min./mass.)bar02-Jun02-Jun02-Jun02-Jun02-Jun
Water temperature (min / max)°CMay-35May-35May-35May-35May-35
Input pH value (min./mass.)pH03-Nov03-Nov03-Nov03-Nov03-Nov
Room temperature°C4040404040
Order No.880460880462880464880466880468

All systems are certified, pre-assembled and tested. Compressed air is required on site to control the valves. Other systems on request, with wide range of functions.


permeate return (not optimal conductivity)
Art. Nr. 880492 (for H-3.800-AS / H-5.000-AS)
Art. Nr. 880493 (for H-6.000-AS)
Art. Nr. 880494 (for H-7.000-AS / H-8.000-AS

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