For double filter systems, alternating, including programmer

Commands the single effect membrane chamber with spring return. The pilot distributor has its own inner program (it does not need a controller or PLC).
Connecting for six membrane chamber, six programmable phase pilot (5 phase of the regeneration).

  • volumetric
  • temporized or
  • with external signal (analyzer, pressure switch)

With daily inner timer.

Output relais (n.o. / n.c.)

REL1: additional programme no. 1 (activation before, during or after regeneration –
duration programmable)
REL2: second additional program no. 2 programmable (as above)
REL3: general alarm or impulse dosage (only with water meter)
REL4: exercise valve filter 1 (add solenoid valve) or a contact during the supply of the treated water and a contact during regeneration
REL5: exercise valve filter 2 (as above)

Analogic output

4 – 20 mA: operation signal of the plant double filter and general alarm


WM: Pulse water meter
IN1: Stop remote regeneration (stop a regeneration into force)
IN2: Start regeneration or stop (block the start of a regeneration)
IN3: Opening/closing exercise remote valve
Examples of use: close the treated water supply in case of storage tank full
IN4: Hold regeneration
Examples of use: stop the regeneration where it is as long as the contact part (example: wash the softening as long as the conductivity of the discharge falls within the expected range, wash the filter as long as the turbidity falls within the expected value)

TUYA digit double n.o.24V 50-60Hz290520
230/24V 50-60Hz290521
TUYA digit double n.c.24V 50-60Hz290530
230/24V 50-60Hz290531
Fittings setwater/air2 x 290405

Technical data:

Mains connection:24 Volt 50-60Hz or 230/24V 50-60Hz
Control performance absorption:2,5 VA
Switching time:10 seconds
Protection class:IP 54
Synchronization:included in the scope of the delivery
Phase to phase switching:with voltage (240V max. load)
without voltage (5V max. load)
alternating or pulse switching
Output relais:5 contacts n.o/n.c
potential-free max. 250V 2A 250 VA initial load
Control panel:air or water (out of foreign bodies)
Maximum pressure:8 bar
Weight:5,8 kg
Dimensions:large 400, height 390, depth 130 mm,
leave space on the left 50 mm
Relay output:5, contacts n.o./n.c
Additional program 1 and 2
Operating valve nr. 1 and nr. 2
Without potencial, max. 250V 1,5A 250VA initial load (*)
(*) with 230 / 24V 50-60Hz transformer do not exceed the maximum load of 15VA
Analogic output:Analogic output: 4-20mA divided galvanically (maximum load. 250 ohm)
Entries:5 n.o
Regeneration stop
Start or Stop regeneration
Operating valve
Noise filter:Included (type EMI)
Internal transformer:9-12V 50-60Hz
Internal motor voltage:12V 50-60Hz
Regeneration counting:Included
Certifications:CE e RoHS


Rotary valve:stainless steel
Rubber seal:rubber
Adjustment fuse.stainless steel
Spring:stainless steel
Box:PC Policarbonate
Teflon seal:teflon

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