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Dissolved oxygen 9065 luminescent

With result display

Type of analysis: luminescent

Field of application: power plants, boilers, denitrization plants (remove NH3 in drinking water)

Measuring range

0,10 ppb – 2.000 ppb (in water)
0 – 4,18 % (0 – 4.180 ppm) (in gas)

Technical data

Type of analysisluminescent
Available modelsmounted on a plate or with a remote probe (to 15 meters)
Calibrationnot necessary for two years
Unit of measurementprogrammable (ppb, ppm, ug/l, mg/l, %)
Memoryfor 500 results
System connection220-240V 50-60Hz, 25W
Environment humiditymax. 90% without condensation
Environment temperature0 - 55 °C
Water temperature 1 - 60 °C
Temperature compensationautomatical
Water pressuremax. 10 bar
Measurement accuracy+/- 2% of measured value
Water qualitytransparent, without suspended substances, pH 3-12
Dimension20,3 x 65,4 x 15,9 cm (on plate mounted)
CertificationEMC e CE
Time of analysis15 seconds
Alarmsmalfunction, high temperature, two maximum alarms
Analogic output2 x 4 – 20mA
Digital outputRS 232, RS485 (optional profibus, certificate of accuracy)
Degree of protectionIP65 (electronics), IP55 (probe)
Directions for useenglish, italian
Accessories:prefilters (recommended)
cleaning set
cooler for temperature to 80°C
cooler for temperature to 120°C
cooler for temperature more120°C

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Dissolved oxygen analyzer 9065

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Manual coolers with Certificates PED 2014/68 UE

The cooler is used for the manual withdrawal of the hot water to be examined. The water is cooled down to room temperature.

The cooler is intended to cool the boiler water to lower the temperature before the analysis.

The water is cooled by the cold water flow. Used to decrease the temperature before the analysis.

It is necessary to add: an inlet control valve to the hot water to regulate the flow and an inlet control valve to the cooling water.
Before sampling, open the cooling valve and then the valve of the water to be cooled.
Adjust the cooling water valve in relation to the temperature of the water to be examined, until the desired optimum room temperature has been reached. Cold water is considered cooling water.
It is not possible to mount a shut-off valve at the outlet to the water to be examined or at the outlet to the cooling water. Cooling water must not have back pressure.

Water flow regulation:

some analyzers (for example DUROMAT, DUROMAT Professional and Testomat) can give a signal before the analysis to open the inlet solenoid valve to cold water. This avoids the continuous flow of cold water.

RaffreddatoremanualeManuale BigautomaticoAutomatico Big
Nr. Ord.200037200042200030200031
Pressione mass. dell’acqua da raffreddare16 bar16 bar16 bar16 bar
Pressione mass. dell’acqua di raffreddamento8 bar8 bar8 bar8 bar
Temperatura dell’acqua calda0 – 80 °C0 – 120 °C0 – 80°C0 – 120°C
Dimensione413 x 335 mm598 x 335 mm375 x 128 mm546 x 128 mm
Collegamento idraulico
Entrata acqua fredda8 mm½”8 mm½”
Uscita acqua fredda (scarico) ½”½”8 mm½”
Entrata acqua da raffreddare8 mm8 mm8 mm8 mm
Uscita acqua raffreddata8 mm8 mm8 mm8 mm
Lunghezza della spirale di raffreddamento2,6 metri5,1 metri2,6 metri5,1 metri
Peso (vuoto)3,3 kg4,0 kg1,7 kg2,3 kg
Materiale acciaio titanio AISI316Ti4, EN 1.4571 (staffa di montaggio: AISI316L, EN 1.4404)
Abbassamento temperatura< 40°C (con l’acqua di raffreddamento < 25°C e un flusso d’acqua da analizzare all’incirca 12 ltr/h
CertificazionePED 2014/68 UE
Classificazione fluidoClasse 2 – fluidi non pericolosi
Classificazione apparecchio (in rispetto PED 2014/68 UEClasse A

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