TUYA digit pool (pool) pilot distributor

For single filters, including programmer.

It controls the pool wash valve, the recirculation pump and the wash pump (if present).
The rinse pump is switched off during valve movement.
The pilot distributor has its own internal program (it does not need a programmer or PLC).
Programmable 6-phase pilot (5 regeneration phases).


with external signal (pressure switch)
With internal daily clock.

REL1: pump nr. 1, programmable (pump shutdown during valve movement)
REL2: pump nr. 2, programmable (pump shut-off during valve movement)
REL3: generic alarm
REL4: dosage pulse (only with connected water meter)
REL5: operating valve (add solenoid valve) or a contact during supply of treated water and a contact during regeneration

TUYA digit pool24V 50-60Hz290240
TUYA digit pool230/24V 50-60Hz290541
Fittings setWater / air290405
Network connection:24 Volt 50-60Hz or 230/24V 50-60Hz
Command yield absorption:2,5 VA
Switching time:10 seconds
Protection class:IP 54
Synchronization:included in the delivery
Command medium:air or water (no foreign bodies)
Max pressure:8 bar
Test pressure:16 bar
Internal diameter of the pipe:2 mm
Room temperature:from 5° to 40°C
Connection to the valves:6
Filettatura:Thread:1/8 "female, thread length max. 10 mm
Peso:Weight:5, kg
Dimensions:width. 400, height 390, depth 130 mm,
lasciare spazio a sinistra 50
Relay output:5, contacts n.a./n.c.
Supplementary program 1 and 2
Operating valve
without potential, max. 250V 1.5A 250VA initial load (Attention, do not exceed the maximum load of the transformer)
Analog output:4-20mA galvanically divided (max. Load 250 ohm)
Entries:5 n.a.
Regeneration stop
Start or Stop regeneration
Operating valve
Hold regeneration
Interference filter:including (EMI type)
Internal transformer:9-12V 50-60Hz
Internal motor voltage:12V 50-60Hz
Counts regenerations:included
Certifications:CE e RoHS
Rotary valve: stainless steelRubber gasket: rubber
Adjustment spindle. stainless steelRings: perbutan
Spring: stainless steelBox (casing): PC Polycarbonate
Teflon gasket: teflon

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