Testomat 2000 Cromo VI in water analyzer

On-line monitors for single sampling.
It is an analyzer based on colour which controls and supervises total chrome in the water.
Every materials used for this analyzer have been produced to this purpose.
A piston pump carries out a precise dosage.
The measuring chamber has been assembling inside of equipment and it has only two rings.
In this way there will not bacteria’s growth and maintenance will be very simple.
The water and indicator consumption are reduced. It is perfect for utilities without control and /or maintenance staff.

  • titrometic analysis
  • dosage by piston pomp
  • display of result in various unit.
  • programmable two high values which work in exit (high value 1 over passed, high value 2 over passed)
  • programmable analysis range between 0 – 99 minutes
  • possibility of volumetric analysis
  • 6 release output : chlorine dioxide above the first programmable value, chlorine dioxide value above the second programmable value, washing, un working alarm, maintenance request e AUX to head a cooler.
  • 4 input: stop analysis, start analysis, IN 1 zero-setting of water meter e IN 2 for a water meter
  • documentation of analysis mistakes
  • programmable supplementary program (for example: to start a cooler)
  • address of programmable supporter
  • galvanic division between voltage high side and low side
  • within pressure regulator 0,1 – 8 bar

Accessories: output 0 (4) – 20mA, 0/2 – 10V or output RS232

  Ord. number: Code.Nr.
Testomat 2000 Cr VI 230V 50-60Hz, 0,1 – 8 bar
115V 50-60Hz, 0,1 – 8 bar
24V 50-60Hz, 0,1 – 8 bar
Accessories: output 0 (4) – 20mA
output RS 232
output 0/2 – 10 V
SD card
cleaning set for road delivery
cleaning set for air delivery

Reagents for Testomat 2000 Cr VI  (you have to take both reagents):

Type mg/l CrO4 mg/l Cr VI Ord. Nr.
0 – 2,0 0 – 1,0 200760

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