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TESTOMAT 2000 antrox

Water hardness, carbonate hardness, p-value (alkalinity) or m-negative value. with reduction of chlorine / chlorine dioxide or other disinfectant media

It is a colorimetric analyzer that checks and monitors the hardness of the water, the carbonate hardness, the p-value or the m-negative value (the device can only monitor one parameter). During the analysis, a reduction medium is dosed to remove chlorine, chlorine dioxide or other sterilizing means present in the water.

All the materials used for this analyzer have been developed for this purpose. The dosage carried out by a piston pump is precise and accurate. The measuring chamber is mounted inside the equipment and has only two rings. This prevents the growth of bacteria and makes maintenance easy. The consumption of the indicator and water are reduced.

Optimal for those companies that do not have control and / or maintenance personnel.

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