Pilote distributor TUYA XVI

Controls single-acting membrane chambers via spring return.
The start of the regenerations and the duration of the various phases are established by a programmer or PLC.

Connection for six membrane chambers, 4-phase pilot (softener and filtration).
Including synchronization (home switch).

Control contact230V or24V
Absorption control yeld:2,5 VA
Checking window:Mechanical phase view
Protecion class:IP 54
Commutation phase to phase:with tension (maximum 240V) , switching or pulse commutation
Synchronization:includes in delivery
Optional: additional programdisc S3
Way of control:air or water (without external bodies)
Max. Pressure:8 bar
Connection to valves:6
Screw pitch:1/8” tap, length max. 10mm
Weight:TUYA XVI: 1,2 kg
Dimensions:TUYA XVI: large 120, high 120, deep 160 mm

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