Small manual water to water cooler and heat exchanger

Equipment classification (according to PED 2014/68 UE)

The cooler is using for capture of hot water to examine. The water is cooling bringing it up to environment temperature. Cooling takes place through a cold-water flow. The water to cool is cooled by the flow of cold water. Used to reduce the temperature of hot water before analyzing.
Models: “manual” model, destined to hot water sample for analysis with a ‘’testkit,” and “automatic” destined to cool the water before water analyzer.


We must add: a regulation valve in entry to hot water to regulate the flow, and a regulation valve in entry to cold water. Before drawing open the cooling valve than the valve of the water to cool. Regulate the valve of the cooling water according to the temperature of the water to examine, till the optimal environmental Temperature is achieved. The cool service water is considered cooling water. It is not possible to set neither a penstock valve in exit to the water to examine not in exit to the water to cool. The cooling water have not to have back-pressure

Flow regulation of the water:

Some analyzers (for example DUROMAT and DUROMAT Professional) can signalize before the analysis to open the electro-valve in entry to the cold water. The continuous flow of the cold water is avoided in this way.

Technical data:

Coolers:manualeManuale BigautomaticAutomatico BigHigh pressure
Code. Num200037200042200030200031200045
Max pressure of water to cool16 bar16 bar16 bar16 bar40 bar
Max pressure of water to cool8 bar8 bar8 bar8 bar8 bar
Hot water temperature0 – 80 °C0 – 120 °C0 – 80°C0 – 120°C0 – 200°C
Dimension413 x 335 mm598 x 335 mm375 x 128 mm546 x 128 mm546 x 128 mm
Hydraulic link
Cold water input8 mm½”8 mm½”½”
Cold water output (discharge) ½”½”8 mm½”½”
Hot water input8 mm8 mm8 mm8 mm8 mm
Analysis water output8 mm8 mm8 mm8 mm8 mm
Lenght of cooling spiral2,6 meters5,1 meters2,6 meters5,1 meters5,1 meters
Weight (empty)3,3 kg4,0 kg1,7 kg2,3 kg2,3 kg
MaterialSteel titanium AISI316Ti4, EN 1.4571 (mounting bracket :A1SI316L, EN 1.4404)
Temperature Lowering < 40°C (with cooling water< 25°C and a water flow to analyze approximate 12 ltr/h
CertificationPED 2014/68 UE
Fluide classificationClass 2-not dangerous fluid
Equipment classification (according to PED 2014/68 UEClasse A

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