F-PE Reverse Osmosis Plant

Permeate output with pressure up to 7 bar
Ultra pure water flow rate from 50 to 1,200 liters / hour.
Hygienic construction to avoid bacteria growth.

F-50-PE / PE-F-150 / F-300-PE / F-600-PE / F-900-PE / F-1200-PE

Short description:

stainless steel frame
digital inlet pressure switch
5 micron prefilter with two pressure gauges
fiberglass pressure container
sampling valve
inlet electromagnetic valve
adjustable valves (stainless steel)
conductivity display (with temperature compensation)
permeate temperature display
totalizer of working hours
digital pressure gauges
digital flowmeters
pressure tank for storing permeate
fault signal

The plants are designed for: softened water (<0.1 ° f), a salinity of 1000 mg / l, a water temperature of 15 ° C and a maximum SDI value (colloidal index) 3. The indicated flow rate it is guaranteed for three years of work only with the parameters described above. The quantity and quality of the permeate is directly dependent on water quality and pre-treatment. With an analysis of the water we can design the optimal type of plant with the best water outlet for your needs.

Technical data

Permeate flow rate (with 4 bar counter-pressure)l/h501503006009001.2
Permeate flow rate (with 7 bar counter-pressure)l/h35100200400600800
Withholding salt%979797979797
Quantity of membranes1 x 40211x40401x40402x40403x40404x4040
Electrical connectionV/Hz1 x 230V/50Hz3 x 400/50
Current consumptionkW0,250,551,51,52,22,2
Inlet water connectionDN202020202020
Permeate connectionDN101015151515
Drain connectionDN101015151515
Water pressurebarmin./mass.: 2 / 4
Water temperature°Cmin. / mass.: 5 / 35
incoming pH valuepHmin. / mass.: 6,5 / 9,5
Room temperature°Cmass.: 40
Order No.870010870020870030870040870050870060

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