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For the analysis of the the quantity EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid ) in water.

Colorimetric analyzers with display of the quantity of EDTA in water:
(with graphic display of the result)

Microprocessor multifunctional analyzer for the analysis of EDTA in water with measuring from 5 to 50 ppm.
Example of usage: control of conditioning in water.
You can program two set point of alarm (maximum two or one minimum and one maximum. The system DUROMAT® professional controls qualitatively the EDTA in water. This permits to avoid problems or damages because of no presence of EDTA in water, saving water, time and avoiding a possible overdose.
With display of result of the amount of EDTA.

4 output relais: maximum value one, maximum value two (or minimum value and maximum value), water cooler (or flush valve o pomp), alarm indicator, functional error.
1 output 0(4)-20mA: quantity of EDTA
1 output CAN BUS interface: functional data and measuring value
1 output/input SD: update and memorization of results
2 input: STOP analysis, START analysis, water meter, flowmeter

You might repeat a wrong analysis (just exceeded the maximum value, without giving an alarm signal. Wide control program of the functionig, driving relais, driving signals, control accessories.

How it performs analysis: opening a inlet solenoid valve – washing of the measuring valve for a settable time – control of the transparency of water (point zero) – dosage of liquid indicator by a peristaltic pump – result of the measured quantity of EDTA  (by display of measured EDTA ) – final wash of the measuring chamber – the apparatus stops waiting the next analysis (temporized start, volumetric, manual or with external signal).

– certification CE
– documentation in italian english, french, german, spanish language

Technical data DUROMAT® professional EDTA:

Network connection85-264 V AC
alternatively 24V AC - DC
Current consumption:25 VA
Degree of protection:with support: IP 43 with envelope: IP 54
Weight:with support: 2,5 kg with envelope: 3,0 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD):with support: 280x250x104 with envelope: 300x300x190
Quantity of indicator in the bottle500 ml
Relay outputs:4 relais output
Analogic output:1 output0(4)- 20mA
SD cardSD card 1 SD card data backup, updating software, regristration errors and results)
Connection CAN1
Inputs2 digital inlets
Quality of water to analyzeTemperature:5° -45° , optically transparent, without color, without suspended substance, no air bubbles and CO2,chemically H 4 –10.5, iron <3ppm, copper <0.2ppm, aluminium < 0,1 ppm,mangle<0.2ppm, acid capacity K S4.3 <5 mmol/l
Water pressure0,2-6 bar (0,2 x 104 - 6 x 105 Pa)
Wastewithout pressure (funnel)
Inlet water connection/wastehose 6 mm outer diameter

Indicators for DUROMAT® professional EDTA

Available indicators, (contents always 500ml):

type ppm Nr. ord
E25-2 5 – 50 200900
DUROMAT® professional EDTA
mounted in a transparent casing
0,2 – 6bar (20.000-600.000 Pa)
(indicators delivery excluding)
85-264V AC
20016124V AC-DC
DUROMAT® professional EDTA
mounted on a plate
0,2 – 6bar (2 x 104 – 6x 105Pa)
(indicators delivery excluding)
85-264V AC
20015624V AC-DC


Cleaning set 200013

(for air delivery 200013S)

Aerator (to reduce CO2) 200020
Cooler (for water > 45°C) 200030

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