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Analysis of the amount of iron in the water

Multifunctional microprocessor analyzer for the analysis of the amount of iron in water with measuring range from:

0,01 – 0,5 mg/l or 0,2 – 10 mg/l

The DUROMAT® Professional Iron analyser qualitatively controls the iron removal system or the amount of iron present in the water and this avoids problems or damages caused by the chemical itself, saving water, time and chemicals that would be required for any anticipated regeneration of the softening system.
The display shows the exact amount of iron present in water.

Power connection:230V 50-60Hz (exactly: 85-264 Volt, 47-63 Hz) or 24V AC/DC
Power consumption for analyzer:25 VA
Degree of protection:IP 43
Degree of protection with the box:IP 54
Weight on a plate:2.5 Kg
Weight with the box:3 Kg
Dimension on a plate:280x360x113 mm
Dimension with the box:300x390x130 mm
Amount of reagent:500 ml
Outputs:4 relay outputs
1 analogue output 0 (4) - 20mA
1 SD card
1 MODBUS (CANBUS optional)
Input:2 digital inputs
Qualities of water to analyse:
Temperature:5° - 40° C
Optically:trasparent, no color,no suspended substances, no air bobbles or CO2
Chemical composition:pH 4 –10.5, ferro <7ppm, Copper <0.2ppm, Alluminium <0.1ppm, Manganese <0.2ppm
Acid capacity K S4.3 <5mmol/l
Water pressure:0,2-6 bar
Exhaust pipe:no pressure (funnel)
Connection water inlet/outlet:flexible tube 6 mm external diameter
DUROMAT® Iron reagents
Low iron 0,01 – 0,5 ppm

0,01 – 0,5 mg/l

500ml 200896
High iron 0,2 – 10,0 ppm

0,2 – 10,0 mg/l

500ml 200897

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