For sanitization of surfaces and working areas

DK-DOX® SURFACE is a chlorine dioxide solution: a fluid component to which it must be added a table supplied by us. the chlorine dioxide DK-DOX® is licensed. It’s not aggressive since it is pH-nautral and has a higher stability.


  • DK-DOX® SURFACE is a strong bactericide, sporicide, virocide and algicide.
  • Spray solution, without alcohol and formaldehyde
  • Thanks to its broad range of use, it does not allow bacteria proliferation
  • Application in medical (where is is not required any registration) and food industry.
  • pH neutral


DK-DOX® SURFACE is sprayed directly on the surface that needs to be disinfected. The activated solution is not dangerous. Useful for sanitization of plants (such as meters, valves etc.) during maintenance. Application time 5 – 15 minutes.

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