For disinfection of wastewater

DK-DOX® AWL 500 is used for the production of chlorine dioxide; given the high
concentration of the product, it is possible to produce it directly in the water to be treated, in small amounts.
DK-DOX® AWL 500 was tested according to DIN EN 13623: 2010 and evaluated
as an effective bactericide against Legionella pneumophila.


For professional use.

Product properties

DK-DOX® AWL 500 is a liquid mixture of inorganic chlorine dioxide ions, which iscompatible with any type of water and easily soluble. DK-DOX® AWL 500 has ashelf life of 6 months at temperatures up to 35 ° C.

DK-DOX® AWL 500 is suitable for pH values between 5 and 9, for the following areas:

•Destruction of microorganisms
•CSB/TOC/BSB reduction
•Elimination of feces
•Increase of ORP

Oxidative and biocidal properties

In the individual reactions of DK-DOX® AWL 500, chlorine dioxide is formed by a mixture withaqueous substances with a pH between 5 and 9 and other oxygen compounds. Anions such as sulfite, nitrite, etc. are converted directly into the maximum oxidative valence. Organic compounds can be converted into oxygen derivatives, so that the subsequent chlorination is no longer possible.The biocidal effect is due to the disinfectant action of chlorine dioxide, which is synergistically enhanced thanks to the presence of other chlorine oxide components. The ORP of the treated water increases. DKDOX® AWL 500 is a bactericidal, sporicidal, viricidal and algaecidal disinfectant.


DK-DOX® AWL 500 must be taken directly from the container. In practice, the followingdoses showed effective disinfection of 1 l per m³. Depending on the contamination,during normal operation, it is possible to dose quantities from 100 ml to 1 l per m³. The dose should be continued until an increase in ORP can be verified.

Handling and Storage

DK-DOX® AWL 500 should be stored in well-sealed containers protected from sunlight andheat. It is not flammable, however, a loss of product could cause or escalate fire in case of contact with fuels. Do not mix DK-DOX® AWL 500 with others products.


•25 kg and 60 kg tanks
•220 kg tanks
•1200 kg tanksr


Use DK-DOX® AWL 500 with care.
Read the label and product information before use.

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