For disinfection of waste waters

DK-DOX® AWL 500 is used to produce chlorine dioxide; given the high concentration of the product, it is possible to produce it directly in the water that needs to be treated, in small quantities.
DK-DOX® AWL 500 has been tested according to regulation DIN EN 13623: 2010 and evaluated as effective bactericidal against Legionella pneumophila.

Product properties

DK-DOX® AWL 500 is a liquid mixture of inorganic ions of chlorine dioxide, which is compatible with any type of water and easily soluble. DK-DOX® AWL 500 has a shelf life of 6 months at temperatures up to 35 ° C.
DK-DOX® AWL 500 is suitable for pH values between 5 and 9, for the following areas:

  • Microorganisms elimination;
  • Deodorization;
  • CSB/TOC/BSB reduction;
  • Feces elimination;
  • Desolforization;
  • ORP increase;
  • Detoxification

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