Disinfection of water for drinking through, walls and floors, channels and water system.

Mixing DK-DOX® AGRAR, fluid and powder components we’ll get chlorine dioxide at 0,5%.The product DK-DOX® is patented. Is not aggressive because it has a neutral pH and it has also an high stability threshold.
For professional use

Ray of use

  • DK-DOX® AGRAR is a powerful battericide, sporicides, virucides e algicide.
  • Having a wide specrtum of action,do not allow the bacterias to create.
  • Remove the biofilm

DK-DOX® AGRAR do not have the defect of chlorine like, chlorophenols and cloramin.

Production and storage

  • Follow carefully the operating instructions reported on the label .
  • Time of reaction: 24 h
  • The duration of efficacy depends on : temperature, light, material and container endurance
  • The stability increase if it is storaged in a dark and cool place
  • Exhaust it in 30 days if storaged at environment temperature.


DK-DOX®AGRAR is dosed by a volumetric dosing pump.
For a dosing system,it needs to be considered that is necessary to use specific materials
apporpriate for chlorine dioxide substance.
Mount the pump and dose DK-DOX® AGRAR activato in a well ventilate place.

It is possible to check the concentration of the substance using a test-kit


– Jug of: 5L, 10L, 25L, 60L, 200L

DK-DOX® AGRAR use with accurancy. Ready instruction to use.

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