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Galvanic dissolved oxygen 9062

With result display

Type of analysis: Galvanic

Field of application: power plants, boilers, denitrization plants (remove NH3 in drinking water)

Measuring range

0.10 ppb – 20 ppb
0 – 20 ppm

Technical data

Type of analysis:amperiometric
Network connection:220-240V 50-60Hz, 10VA
Environment humidity:max. 90% without condensate
Environment temperature:0 - 55 °C
Water temperature:1 - 60 °C
Temperature compensation:automatic
Water pressure:0,3 – 8 bar
Analysis accuracy:+/- 3% of the measured value
Water quality:transparent, without suspended substances, pH 3-12
Conductivity in the water: over 10 uS/cm (under ask for particular cell)
Dimension215 x 242 x 73mm
Certifications: EMC e CE
Analysis time: 30 seconds
Alarms:water flow calibration, power failure
Analogic output:0(4) – 20mA
Digital output:RS 232
Protection degree:IP54
Instruction for use:english, italian
Accessory:prefilters (recommended)
cleaning set
water cooler for temperature up to 80°C
water cooler for temperature up to 120°C
water cooler for temperature over 120°C

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