DIGITAL reverse osmosis plant with membranes

Base frame in painted steel to rest on the floor. Pre-filtration of polypropylene with 5 micron cartridges, two pressure gauges, high pressure pump, membranes in the fiberglass container.


Accessories (included in delivery): solenoid valve in input, pressure switch for lack of water, flow switch for permeate and concentrate, pump pressure detector, concentrate pressure detector, valves for regulating the flow of permeate and concentrate, digital version programmer.


The system is ready for use, already connected with all accessories, including 3mtr, 16A cable with Schuko type socket.


For automatic control and management of the osmosis system, with processing data protocol (analog and digital inputs and outputs). Programmable memory range, programmable minimum/maximum values; LCD display for process display and indication of processing values.

Saving of processing data (about the last 10 days)

– Graphic display with indication of processing data

– Programmable minimum/maximum values: conductivity, temperature, water flow, working pressures

– Water meter (water supply, permeate and concentrate)

– Calculation of plant performance

– Return of the non-optimal permeate (or non-optimal permeated waste)

– Automatic flushing program: during plant shutdown, during use at fixed intervals

– System data protocol during maintenance

– Diagnosis program for checking operation and identification of faults/errors

– Programmable delay for restarting after lack of water

– Remote system shutdown (for example analyzer)

– Counter

– LEDs for processing and fault signals

– Connection for 1 or 2 levels

Possibility of programming:

conductivity: 0 – 200 µS / cm
lack of water: 1 up to 99 seconds
washing interval with full tank: 1 up to 250 hours
wash time with full tank: 1 up to 99 minutes
concentrate movement time: 1 up to 250 seconds
pump delay: 1 up to 9.9 seconds

Technical explanations:

The water entering the reverse osmosis plant must be bacteriologically perfect and free of foreign bodies. In the formulation of the offer we have counted a normal water and a temperature of 15 ° C. If the temperature changes, you will need to calculate: decrease of each degree = about 3% less permeate

The plant is planned for a maximum salinity of 1000 mg/l, SDI15 max. 3. The incoming water is softened water, free of chlorine, iron and manganese. With water softened at the inlet of the reverse osmosis plant and the conditions indicated above, we can guarantee an optimal flow rate after three years of work.



880110 D-120-LE, permeate flow rate 100 ltr/h
880117 D-300-LE, permeate flow rate 300 ltr/h
880125 D-500-LE, permeate flow rate 500 ltr/h
880325 D-600-LE
880330 D-900-LE
880335 D-1200-LE
880340 D-1500-LE
880345 D-2000-LE
880350 D-2500-LE
880355S D-3000-LE
880360 D-3500-LE
880365 D-4300-LE
880370 D-5400-LE
880372 D-6000-LE
880375 D-7000-LE
880380 D-8000-LE
880387 D-10000-LE
880390 D-12000-LE


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