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Analysis of the amount of chlorine dioxide in water

Digital chlorine dioxide regulator in water, with microprocessor control decoder and backlit LCD display, measuring range: depending on the probe used. Automatic temperature compensation (probe excluded), 1 on-off set point and 1 proportional digital set point, max. dosage, alarm not functioning probe, with data memory up to 2,500 lines, pump alarm input and flow sensor, RS 485 output, in IP65 box.

Network connection:230V 50-60Hz (exactly: 90-240 Volt, 47-63 Hz)
Water temperature:max. 40°C
Water pressure:max. 2 bar
Current consumption:25 VA
Degree of protection
with mounting box:IP 54
Relay outputs:1 ON / OFF output, maximum load 250V 4A
1 proportional 0 (4) -20mA output
1 RS485 output
Alarm output:exceeding maximum dosage, sensor failure,
lack of water flow
Water quality to be analyzed:
Temperature:5° - 40° C
Optically:transparent, without color, without suspended substances, without air bubbles and CO2
Chemically:pH 4 - 10.5, iron <7ppm, copper <0.2ppm,
aluminum <0.1ppm, eat <0.2ppm
acid capacity K S4.3 <5mmol / l
Water pressure:0,2-6 bar
Exhaust:without pressure (funnel)
Water inlet / outlet connection:flexible hose 6 mm outside diameter

Accessories (necessary for operation):

EPHM / D: Epoxy electrode combined double junction max. 40 ° C with bnc connection and 4.5 mt. of demi water cable.
PELC: Electrode holder in line in PVDF max. 40 ° C da “or ½” connection to be specified when ordering.

altri ACCESSORI (non necessari per il funzionamento

Ingresso chiavetta USB
Modem GPRS
Modulo ethernet
Modem GPRS esterno
Set di pulizia  

Trasporto stradale



Trasporto aereo










Temperature fino a 120°C


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