For the disinfection of water in cooling towers and for process water in piping systems in industrial application

Concentrated ready for use solution for in situ production of technical chlorine dioxide. Disinfection of water in cooling towers and other nondrinking water distributing systems. Destroying of biofilms and microorganisms in process water.

DK-DOX®TEC 1000 was tested according to the standards of DIN EN 13623:2010 and was stated to be an effective bactericide against Legionella pneumophila.

For professional use.

Product properties

DK-DOX®TEC 1000 is a liquid mixture of inorganic anions of chlorine oxides, which is compatible with any type of water and readily soluble. DK-DOX®TEC 1000 has a 3 months shelf fife at temperatures up to + 35 °C.

DK-DOX®TEC 1000 is suitable for use at pH values ranging between 5 and 9 e.g. the following areas:

  • Destruction of microorganisms
  • COD / TOC / BOD reduction
  • Reduction of potassium permanganate usage
  • Increase of ORP

Oxidative and biocidal effect

In an aqueous medium, at pH 5 to 9 the chlorine-oxygen compounds in DK-DOX®TEC 1000 react progressively and form chlorine dioxide. Reducing anions such as sulphite, nitrite, etc. are converted directly to the maximum oxidative valence level. Organic compounds can be converted into oxygen derivatives; therefore, a subsequent chlorination is no longer possible.

The biocidal effect is due to the disinfecting action of chlorine dioxide, which is synergistically enhanced by the presence of other chlorine oxide components. The ORP of the treated water rises.

DK-DOX®TEC 1000 is a strong bactericidal, sporicidal, viricide-acting and algicidal disinfectant. Because of its non-specific mode of action, germ adaption is not possible.


In practice, the following dosages have proved: 5 to 25 mL / m3 in the cooling water. The actual dosage needed will depend on operating conditions and water contamination.

DK-DOX®TEC 1000 should be dosed directly from the container by using a metering pump or manually. Dilution is not necessary. An activation of the product, for the treatment of highly alkaline waters, has to be done by metering into acidic water.

Chlorine dioxide concentrations exceeding 7g / L should be avoided at alt times.

Handling and Storage

DK-DOX®TEC 1000 should be stored in closed containers and protected from direct sun light and heat. It is not flammable itself, however, leaked or dried out product causes or intensify fire if in contact with combustibles.

Do not mix DK-DOX®TEC 1000 with other products.

Packaging units

  • 25 kg and 60 kg tanks
  • 220 kg plastic drums
  • 1200 kg container

Use DK-DOX® TEC1000 with care. Read the label and product information before use.

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