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Medical technology for dialysis centers

Medical Directive (MDD) 93/42 / CE, class II a, II b and III

Dialysis with biosmosis

The maximum and precise operational safety is achieved by using a Hercopur double pass reverse osmosis system. The design corresponds to that of our single-pass unit, but this system has two reverse osmosis units positioned in series. This will therefore ensure maximum water quality and also maximum safety, as both units can be operated independently without stop times. The advantages are of this system are:

Maximum operational safety thanks to complete redundancy.
Stainless steel structure.
Maximum quality of pure water.
Deposits are avoided by the series arrangement of thin membrane elements
Design without dead zones.
Fully automatic and freely adjustable intervals.
Automatic disinfection.
Possible maintenance via remote

Complete solutions for maximum security and savings

The dialysis solution comprises up to 99% of purified water, generated by Hercopur reverse osmosis of excellent quality. The specialized modules, with high energy efficiency and low pressure, guarantee perfect hygienic safety. The permeate that has not been used is recycled, in order to reduce operating costs.

Our double-pass reverse osmosis systems ensure maximum safety and purified water of superior quality. Furthermore, excellent reliability is guaranteed as both systems operate separately without interruptions during operation.

50% menu of water costs thanks to the control of water consumption and recycling.

  • Built for a constant circulation function, with membrane modules and continuous flow sampling valves at the beginning and end of the main ring.
  • Disinfection unit monitored by computer technology.
    Intuitive microprocessor control with complete graphic display.
  • Sequential arrangement of thin spiral membrane modules with tangential flow and vortex action to prevent deposits on the membrane surface.
  • Improves the quality of pure water and prolongs the life of the membranes.
  • Additional periodic rinse programs (clean water, rinsing with permeate) to clean the surface of the membrane.
  • Fully automatic and programmable system rinse, during dialysis stop.
  • Three-way reduction of water consumption thanks to control based on: demand, concentrate recirculation and its regulation.
  • Stainless steel tubes.
  • Optimal configuration for all devices used to measure the quality of purified water
  • Optional: monitoring and remote control of the system.

Steam disinfection (optional)

Dialysis with biosmosis and steam disinfection

Constantly good water quality can only be guaranteed if the entire circuit and the reverse osmosis unit are disinfected at regular intervals. Unlike common systems, the proposed systems are designed in such a way as to allow thermal disinfection of each component, including the osmosis unit, the circuit and the power supply lines of the machine (double-pass connection system). This ensures that no non-disinfected circuit microorganisms can spread within the system.

The absence of bacteria is guaranteed thanks to a complete thermal disinfection, included in the reverse osmosis.
Therefore chemical disinfection is not necessary, thus increasing patient safety.

Only regular thermal disinfection can guarantee a long-term quality standard. However, if the reverse osmosis units and the suction tubes of the dialysis machine cannot be disinfected simultaneously, as in the case of numerous systems on the market, there could be a risk that the bacteria will grow in the feeding tube of the dialysis machine and be restarted in the system. The proposed systems offer complete thermal disinfection of the reverse osmosis unit, including the supply tank, the membrane modules, the main ring and the secondary ring for each machine.

For this reason the permeate is heated to 85-95 ° C and circulated through the system: from the supply tank, through the membrane, the main ring and the flexible inlet tubes of the, then returning back to the supply tank.
Through a programmable control, the process is completely automatic, with disinfection intervals and continuous disinfection of the heat even when dialysis is not performed. The rapid cooling program also allows the thermal cleaning to be interrupted at any time, in case an emergency dialysis is required.

• Complete thermal disinfection of the entire reverse osmosis unit;
• Completely programmable disinfection intervals without dialysis;
• Rapid cooling program for emergency dialysis.

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