Programmers and timers for the management of water treatment plants

The range of programmers and timers we offer covers the following uses:

timer for softener / filters
programmers for reverse osmosis systems
programmers for softening systems
programmers for filtration systems
programmers for demineralization systems
Some examples of the functions:

regeneration in relation to: time, volume, quality or manual
alternate cascade machining in series
filter: single, double, triple
The products are many and varied, and to include them all on the site would still be to disperse your strength in the study.

We therefore kindly request that you contact us to facilitate and streamline the selection procedure, so that the programmer best suited to the needs of the installation to be installed is offered to you from time to time.

If necessary, you can download the instructions for use, available in the form reserved for “our customers”.

If you are interested in a more in-depth evaluation, you can ask us to send you the printed information sheet.

Tarquinio programmer

Spartacus programmer

Pompilio programmer

Marzio programmer

Caligola programmer

Auxilio programmer

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