Controller for ionexchange plants (time regeneration) and filter plants (pressure valves or time regeneration)

Menu-driven programming using a “two line” LCD display.
– Text displayed in English, German, French, Italian or Dutch.
– Adaptation to user specific requirements through integrated programmed options.
– Simple to operate using easy to follow symbols.
– Suitable for single and double column installations in routing, parallel or serial circuits.
– Universaily implementable for a wide range of control valves, pilot valves and magnetic valves.
– Regeneration/rinsing activation by time e interval, external switching, real time clock or manual control.
– Time delayed regeneration/rinsing.
– Extensive status request options using the INFO key:
sluice control,regeneration/rinsing time, extra programm, current input and outputs status, software version, start time interval, time delayed regeneration/rinsing, service telephone number,input and output programming.
– Additional functions for service personnel: fast flow, filter exchange without regeneration/rinsing, standby filter regeneration/rinsing, time delayed
regeneration, immediate regeneration/rinsing stop without program reset.
– Selectable standard input function: regeneration/ rinsing stop, regeneration/rinsing start or regeneration/rinsing agent monitoring.
– Standard outputs model: 2 central control valves with zero flow, 2 operating valves.
– Program data secured against power failure as all important information is stored without a battery
– High performance microprocessor with “Watchdog” “Illegal operation Code” and frequency monitoring functions.
– Constructed in accordance with EMC Guidelines: with galvanic isolation of the microprocessor and the inputs and outputs, in addition to the integration of an extra interference filter.

Tecnical data:

– enclosure protection: IP54 (IP65)
– weight: 2,6 kg
– dimensions: 211 x 185 x 95mm
– power output: max 4A
– power input: max 12V 8mA

CALIGOLA wall mounted
Caligola 230V 50-60Hz 280482
Caligola 24V   50-60Hz 280480
Caligola 115V 50-60Hz 280481
Caligola 230/24V 50-60Hz 280485

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