Safe swimming pool disinfection with DK-DOX POOL

DK-DOX® POOL is a system based on a process patent for the in-situ production of Chlorine dioxide. Due to the high concentrations of the product it is possible to produce with small dosages Chlorine dioxide in enough quantity directly into the water to be treated.

Product features

DK-DOX® POOL is a liquid mixture of inorganic anions of Chlorine oxides, which is compatible with any water readily and completely miscible. DK-DOX® POOL is up to 3 months shelf life at temperatures of up to +35 C. DK-DOX® POOL suitable for use in the pH values range between 5 and 9 for inter alia the following areas:

  • Destruction of microorganisms by lipophilic penetration of the cell membrane / wall oxidative destruction of metabolism.
  • Algae destruction
  • Odor destruction: By oxidation of odor-forming compounds such as Hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans, chlorophenols, etc.
  • COD/TOC/BOD reduction: By oxidation of substances in the water.
  • Increase of ORP: By increasing the oxidant concentration.

Oxidative and biocidal activity

In individual reactions of DK-DOX® POOL in an aqueous medium at pH 5 to 9 Chlorine dioxide is formed when mixed with other Chlorine-oxygen compounds. Organic compounds can be converted into oxygen derivatives, so a direct chlorination following are no longer accessible.

The biocidal effect is due to the extremely strong disinfecting action of Chlorine dioxide, which is synergistically enhanced by the presence of other Chlorine oxide components. The ORP with DK-DOX® POOL treated water is rising here. Resistance of microorganisms have been since the large-scale use of Chlorine dioxide (1944) still not known and therefore excluded. The algicidal effect of Chlorine dioxide results from its action as a broad-spectrum herbicide. DK-DOX® POOL acts against bacteria, yeasts, algae and viruses of all kinds.


In practice, the following dosages have proven: 3 to 10 ml/m3 per day in the pool water
5 to 15 ml/m3 per day in the hot tub 1.5 L per m3 filter for filter cleaning
depending on operating conditions and water contamination can vary this, however.

Application Information

DK-DOX® POOL will be directly pumped from the container by metering pump or metered manual. Predilutions are not necessary.

Handling and Storage

DK-DOX® POOL should be stored in closed containers and protected from light and heat. DK-DOX® POOL is not flammable, has expired and dried supports it, however, the flammability of combustible materials.

Before use of DK-DOX® POOL, read the Materia Safety Data Sheets and label, so that the biocide can be used safely.

Packaging units

1 L bottle, 5-, 10-, 25-, 60- L tanks

Production with license of Dr. Kueke GmbH

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