Safe dental hygiene

A well-known problem: Like other water distribution systems, even dentist chairs with fresh water supply or Bottle Care System, are tending to form biofilm or suffer from germ contamination. Reasons are for example the small water flow or retrograde contamination.

DK-DOX DENTAL chlorine dioxide is a highly effective disinfectal created for use in dentist chairs. It eliminates germs and biofilm to secure the dental hygiene.

Advantages of DK-DOX DENTAL chlorine dioxile:

  • Effective against germs, bacteria, fungi, algae, viruses and biofilm
  •  For disinfaction of drinking water according to DIN EN 12671
  • No forming of resistances against chlorine dioxide
  • 25 times higher disinfection effect that hydrogen peroxide
  • Usable with dentist chairs with fresh water supply
  • Usable with Bottle Care Systems
  • Safe handling and use

Reduce your risks using DK-DOX DENTAL
Use DK-DOX® DENTAL with care. Read the label and product information before use.
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