For disinfection of drinking water

DK-DOX® AKTIV is an 0,3% aqueous chlorine dioxide solution, which is generated by manually mixing of two components, DK-DOX® AKTIV liquid component 1 and DK-DOX® AKTIV solid component 2. Therefore, it is possible to generate chlorine dioxide manually without any installation engineering. The DK-DOX® method produces a chlorine-0,I-free, pH-neutral and highly stable chlorine dioxide solution.

  • For disinfection of drinking water according to DIN EN 12671

For professional users.

Product properties

  • DK-DOX® AKTIV is a strong bactericidal, sporicidal, viricide-acting and algicidal disinfectant.
  • Because of its non-specific mode of action, germ adaption is not possible.
  • Successful dissolving of biofilm.
  • Suitable for shock disinfection.

DK-DOX® AKTIV is not chlorinating.
In contrast to other chlorine dioxide products it is a chlorine-0, I-free product. Therefore, taste impairment by chlorophenol formation or chloramines are excluded.
Due to the fact, that it is pH-neutral and chloride free, it has a low corrosion potential.


DK-DOX® AKTIV is removed from the can by a suction lance. The dosage is proportional to the water flow. The whole dosing system has to be made out of chlorine dioxide resistant materials. The recommended concentrations can be found on the label. Nevertheless, we appreciate to help with our expert knowledge.

Production and Storage

The professional association of the gas, district heating and water has no concerns in terms of occupational safety when using the DK-DOX® manufacturing process. The degradation rate depends on temperature, light, material and sealing of the container. The solution stored at room temperature is stable for at least 30 days.

Important regulations

DIN EN 12671 for treatment of water intended for human consumption – chlorine dioxide.

Packaging unit

DK-DOX® AKTIV is delivered as two-component system composed of component 1 and component 2.

  • 1 L, 5 L, 25 L, 60 L can
  • 200 L drum
  • 1.000 L IBC

Use DK-DOX® AKTIV with care. Read label and product information before use.

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