Apura series industrial volumetric single filter

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Apura industrial softening systems with single volumetric filter.

Main components of the plant are:

  • Reservoir entirely built in food steel FE 410B painted internally with epoxy bicomponent varnish and externally with polyurethane bicomponent varnish RAL 7032 and is equipped with suitable  easy accesses for maintenance operation and load of resins.
  • Control valves in cast-iron for membrane (n.o.) equipped with necessary flow regulators.
  • Pipes for interconnection of reservoir and valves in galvanized steel.
  • The function of the valves is activated thanks to Hydro-pneumatic distributors managed by a control electrical panel with microprocessor logic.
  • The prefect hydrodynamic functioning of the reservoir is censure by a distribution system with diffuser nozzles removing at the same time accidental lack of resin.
  • All the phases of softening and regeneration are visualized and programmable.

The storage salt container ( optional) in polyethylene. HD with a proper capacity complete with separation grill, water salt, ventilation shaft and hydraulic and floating valve.

Voltage for all the models: 230V/50 Hz – voltage for functioning 24 V/50 Hz – 10 Watt. Performance refers to functioning of the plant with suitable pre-treatment that should follow the following parameters:

max hardness 50°F, sodium < 100 mg/l, SDI < 5, without free chlorine, iron and manganese sum of a value of max 0,5 mg/l

Temperature f the incoming water: +5 – +40°C, pressure of the incoming water min. 3, max 5 bar, flow of the excercised p = 1 bar


Es.* flow nominal

Weight: loosely included resin

Type of pre-treatment and potential post-treatment should be chosen following each case depending on the parameters of the water that need to be treated and the field o fuse of the water.


Apura s.r.l. reserves the chance to make some technical variation for the dimension and weight. Suggestion regarding installation and use of our product reported on the technical data sheet are general, the customer should take in account the different subjective issues and must be installed following the regulation in force.

Apura s.r.l. is not responsible for an improper use of the product

Technical data

TypeQ mc/hResin LtCycleSaltConnectionDimensionkegWeight kgcode
Es.*Puntam3 x FKgInOutlHPSalt ø
ASI 80020408004300120655011502500100011001450710025
ASI 1000255010005400150806512502800110011001650710020
ASI 1500408015008100225100801450300013001100x21650710015
ASI 2000601202000108003001251001750300016001100x23400710010

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