Análisis del alcalinidad del agua (dureza carbónica, valor m positivo) con pantalla grafica

Analizador colorimétrico, con microprocesador para el control del alcalinidad del agua con los sigiuentes campos de medida.

Alcalindad del agua 

Grados franceses: 0,54 – 40,2 °f
Grados alemanes: 0,3 – 22,5 °dH

Datos técnicos del DUROMAT® Professional alcalinidad:

Power connection:230V 50-60Hz (exactly: 85-264V, 47-63 Hz)
Current consumption:25 VA
Degree of protection on plate:IP 463
Degree of protection with box:IP 56
Weight mounted on a plate:2,5 kg
Weight mounted in box:3 kg
Dimensions mounted on plate:280x360x113 mm
Dimensions mounted in box:300x390x130 mm
Amount of reagent:500 ml
Inputs: 2 inputs, maximum load 18V 12mA (STOP or START analysis,
water meter
Relay outputs:4 outputs, maximum load 250V 4A (hardness alarm,
hardness pre-alarm, failure, lack of indicator,
analysis contact)
Other outputs:0 (4) -20mA hardness result or
appliance operation
MODBUS (CANBUS optional)
SD card (results, errors)
Analysis interval:programmable up 3 to 9.999 minutes
Washing time:programmable up 0,5 to 10 minutes
Water temperature: 5° - 40° C
Optically:transparent, without color, without suspended substances, without air bubbles and CO2
Chemically: pH 4 -10.5, iron <3ppm, copper <0.2ppm,
aluminium <0.1ppm, manganese <0.2ppm
acid capacity K S4.3 <5mmol / l
Water pression:0,2-6 bar
Inlet / drain water connection:6 mm external diameter hose

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