The measurement principle is based on the intense UV absorption of organic molecules at 254 nm according to the Lambert-Beer law:

[C] = k log (Iin / Iout)
[C]: concentration of the sample
k: extinction coefficient
Iin: sample input light intensity
Iout: light output sample intensity

Turbidity, organic substances, suspended solids or dirt in the measuring cell are automatically compensated by a differential measurement with a second detector with a different wavelength.

Conforms to AFNOR X PT 90-210 – DIN38404-C3 regulations.


  • The response time is extremely rapid.
  • The operating costs are very low as the UV spectrophotometric measurement principle does not require the use of analytical reagents.
  • Can be used without filtration, thanks to the extremely simple hydraulic system and large diameter pipes.
  • The automatic cleaning system allows to keep the measuring cell clean for long periods without the need for intervention. The filling of the cleaning solution tank (5% sulfuric acid) is required only once a month.
  • Built-in datalogger.
  • Peristaltic pump incorporated for sampling.


  • Surface water monitoring
  • water purifiers
  • Water treatment plants


0-200 mg/l
0-800 mg/l
0-2000 mg/l
0-5000 mg/l
0-20000 mg/l

Technical data:

Art.Nr. 201101

Measuring principleUV spectrophotometry
Analysis time <10 seconds
Analysis frequencyAdjustable
Repeatability ± 0.01 mg / l KMnO4 | ± 1.0 mg / l | ± 3.0 mg / l | ± 5.0 mg / l | ± 10.0 mg / l
Drift on zero5%
Drift full range10%
Interference in the presence of chloridesno
Reagents or consumablesno
Alarms / Analog / serial output4 relays / 4-20 mA / RS232
maintenanceExtremely limited
FiltrationNot necessary
Ambient temperature> 0-50 ° C
Sample temperature> 0-80 ° C
Datalogger Integrated - data download via RS232
Power supply 110-130 Vac or 220-240 Vac / 30 VA / 50-60 Hz; 12-15 Vdc 3A
Operating costsExtremely limited
Dimensions 600mm x 420mm x 230mm
Weightapprox. 20 kg
Installation time Few minutes

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