Sodium (Na+) analyzer

With display of result

Type of analysis: selective ions

Field of use: ultrapure water, hot water, boiler, condensate

Range of measure
0,01 ppb – 10 ppm

Compact version

with remote signal until 100m

Technical data:

Type of analysis:selective ions
Measuring range:changes relate to the results
Temperature compensation:automatic
pH value compensation:alcalin 28% to 30% NH3
ammonium beyond 0,1ppb sodium 100% diisopropylamine
power supply:90-240V 50-60Hz, 100VA
Environment humidity:max. 90% without condensate
Environment temperature:0 – 55 °C
Water temperature:5 - 55 °C
Water pressure:0,35 – 2,0 bar
Analysis accuracy:+/- 5% of the max value
Water quality:transparent, without suspended substances, pH 3-12
Dimensiondepending on the version
Remote signal cable length:until 100 meters (ask price for the desire length)
Certifications: EMC e CE
Analysis time: immediate result
Relais output:3 output on/off max. 2A 250VAC
Analogic output:2 output 4 – 20mA (isolated)
Serial output: RS232 (option RS485, modbus)
Protection degree:depending on the version
Instruction for use:english, italian
Accessory:pre-filters (suggested)
Cleaning set
Water coolers

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