For the sanitization of water in distribution systems, pipes and boats

DK-DOX® TUBE is a liquid solution of chlorine dioxide at 0.3%, generated by the manual mixing of 2 components, a liquid component and a solid component. The patented DK-DOX® method produces a solution with free chlorine 0.1, neutral pH and highly stable.

  • Clean and disinfect water distribution systems
  • Sanitize the ion exchanger and reverse osmosis membranes
  • Sanitize the filters (DIN 19643-2)
  • Eliminate biofilm and algae
  • Disinfect the cooling systems (VDI 2047-2)

For professional use.

Product properties

  • DK-DOX® TUBE is an effective algaecide, bactericidal, sporicidal and virucidal.
  • As it has a broad spectrum of action, it prevents bacterial proiliferation.

Benefits of DK-DOX®T UBE

Unlike other chlorine dioxide based products, this is a chlorine-free product that excludes membrane degradation and taste alteration through the formation of chlorophenols and chloramines. Since it is pH neutral and chlorine free, it has a low potential for corrosion.


DK-DOX TUBE is taken directly from its container by a pump. The dosage can be quantitative or directly proportional to consumption. All the dosage system must be made of chlorine dioxide-resistant materials. The recommended concentrations are shown on the label.

Production and storage

At room temperature the solution is stable for 30 days.
Attention: store in cool and dark places.

Reference regulations

The DIN EN 12671 standard (for water treatment intended for human consumption). The European driving rules for chlorite persulfate indicate that DK-DOX® TUBE is suitable for human use. The patent complies with these standards. While the Austrian standard Ö-NORM M 5879-3 A refers to the use of dioxide in water systems.

Packages </ h4>

  • Two-component sets
  • 1L, 5L, 25L, 60L cans
  • 200L cans, 1000Ls

Use DK-DOX® TUBE with care. Read the label and product information before use.
Production with license of Dr. Kueke GmbH

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